Starting Over In A New City!

Traveling can be a fun yet scary experience for most people, but if you do a little research prior to you can put those fears to rest. You can also to choose to be on the daring side and see what life offers on just a whim. Here we take a little of journey of what I found on a whim of moving to Dakar, Senegal.

Whilst On My Journey

I was basically entering a new country where I didn't seem to speak the native languages of French and Wolof but surprisingly many people wanted to test their english skills out on me. I felt an abundance of warm welcomes visiting while visiting this beautiful place. So many sites to see and people to meet and foods to try, it was truly a great experience.

This place is filled with so much beauty and talent. This piece of art was made within minutes using many different sands for all over the world!

There is so much more that I photographed

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